Oh no 🦠Omicron🦠Learn what we are doing to keep you safe in class & what we need from you.

Author: Lizzy Caldwell

With the emergence of the Omicron variant and following further announcements from the executive regarding restrictions I thought it was important to update you all on how we continue to strive to keep you safe when attending the Studio. As you know we have a robust Covid 19 Policy and so far it has been working really well. You have all been amazing at adapting to the new way of doing things and for that I am truly grateful.

What WE’RE doing:
🧍🏻‍♀️ – 🧍🏼 2 Metres Distance – we have changed the Matwork Studio layout to space everyone out MORE than 2 metres apart. The Reformers are also spaced out at 2metres apart.

Mat Studio

Mat Studio

Reformer Studio

😮‍💨 We have invested heavily in an AIR STERILSATION system made by a local North Coast business called ILIMEX. Ilimex created unique air sterilisation units in response to the Covid-19, Coronavirus pandemic. The units allow for air to be cleansed & transformed 5 times an hour, eliminating 99.9999% of any viruses and bacteria in the air, including Coronavirus. Not only that but they remove dust and pollen too (a bonus for all those allergy/hay fever sufferers). They don’t just purify the air, they sterilise it. Continuous Clean, Safe Indoor Air that has been verified by the University of Ulster. If you would like to learn more about this system visit their website here

Ilimex Sterilser

🧽 All Equipment is cleaned BEFORE & AFTER use with Natrasan or NeuGenn Spray

😷 We will wear a Face Covering at all times when moving around the Studio. It will only be removed at times when teaching classes at our Mat or reformer which will be over 2 meters away from you.

🧴We hand sanitise prior to class, after class and everytime we have performed any hands on correction during class.

🖐 Hands on correction will be kept to a minume will only be carried out if we feel it is necessary to prevent injury or discomfort.

What we need YOU to do:

🚫Do NOT attend if you have any symptoms of Covid or have been told you must isolate.

😷 Wear a face covering until you get to your mat or reformer. You can then remove it to exercise or if you prefer you can keep it on. (NO EXEPTIONS unless MEDICALLY exempt) If you forget your face covering just ask one of us and we will provide one.

👨‍💼Arrive Ready for Class. Toilet facilities are available.

🧴Hand Sanitise on Arrival

🧍🏻‍♀️ – 🧍🏼 2 Metres Distance

❌ No Shoes on Studio Floor

🧦Socks MUST be worn

🧽Clean All Equipment BEFORE & AFTER use
🧴Hand Sanitise on Exit
👭👬Please do not linger after class (we’re not being anti social – honest!)

We have received great feedback about how safe our clients feel in class and pledge to continue to maintain our high standards and act accordingly in line with any guidance issued. We’re doing our bit to keep you and our staff safe and are thankful for your continued support and cooperation.

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