What’s the BIG DEAL?!

Physio Led Pilates – What’s the Big Deal?!

Author: Lizzy Caldwell

Why should YOU choose a Physio Led Pilates Class?
As Physiotherapists we have expertise in managing a wide range of musculoskeletal, bone, joint, neurological & Women’s Health conditions. What this means in layman’s terms is that we can use our clinical expertise to modify the various Pilates movements and tailor to each individuals’ specific medical requirements. Even in a group setting. This can enable safe exercise for people with chronic pain, back pain, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, osteoporosis, orthopaedic surgery and a whole host of other musculoskeletal conditions. These problems all require the instructor to have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, the condition they have and / or the procedure.

As physiotherapists we can ensure safe, effective movement and encourage a positive movement experience.

  • Our clients to grow in confidence with less discomfort and continue to improve quality of life with better management of their condition.
  • This can be and has been truly life changing.
  • We are also rehabilitation experts that can take you from injury to full fitness. And beyond!

Did you know ALL of our instructors are Physiotherapists with a combined experience of over 75 years.

Not only that but we have a shared PASSION, LOVE & BELIEF that Pilates WORKS and is for ALL.

At NCPP we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of instruction and experience for our clients.

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