We’re on the Move!

Author: Lizzy Caldwell

We all know the last year has been a challenge for businesses both large and small. So what do you do when life hands you lemons?
Well, you make a Gin & Tonic of course!

The Gin or SPIRIT in my Business is what we do. The passion we have for helping people to move better (and therefore live better) is so strong it should come with a warning! But what about the tonic – the mixer? In the middle of a global pandemic what can be done to perfect, regroup, grow and adapt?

Running a small business always throws up challenges and I was once told if you’re not working ON your business as well as IN your business you’re going backwards. I have always planned a few years ahead and been keen to not only consolidate North Coast Pilates & Physiotherapy as the gold standard Pilates provider but to expand the Physiotherapy services we offer.

Then….the flipping virus (as it’s affectionately known in our house) happened. Suddenly the wheels are coming off the ‘plan’.

Having built my business from scratch without having to borrow, suddenly I found myself having to go into debt to keep afloat. Something that did not sit well with me. I had choices! Do I borrow enough to keep going and just ‘pay back’ Covid for the next few years. Completely shelving my plans? (I’ll be 50 in 5 years) Or do I try and use the funds to actually make this year count!?

So that’s right – we’re on the move. A superb location on Somerset Road, Coleraine. (Close to Riverside Retail Park). Most of you probably know the building as ‘the Old Somerset Furnishings’. Well it’s being split into Units. We’ll be Unit 1!

It’s been almost a year in the making. The vision to “see” how we could use the space. Planning permission. Building works. Plumbers. Electricians. Painters. You know the score. But is going to be worth the wait. That I promise you.

New premises 11 Somerset Road

I can’t wait to introduce you all to the fabulous bright more spacious Matwork  Studio, a much larger Reformer Studio (that will allow us to cater for up to 10 in a class). A fully equipped Rehab gym and Physio clinic area. And I’ll even have an office! What more could a girl want?

Right now it looks like this:

progress pictures

But stay tuned to all of our social pages (Facebook & Instagram) for progress pics and updates. All being well by May 21 NCP&P will be well settled into our new home and ready to fling open the doors fully and get back to classes! I hope you’re all as excited as me to refresh and relaunch in our beautiful new space.

(Meanwhile the Physio Clinic will continue to operate from Gateside Road until we move.)

So pour a large measure of gin, a decent tonic, throw in the lemon and CHEERS!!






We’re on the Move!

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